Spring fling look one with Sarah Morrisey
Hair by Davey Davey - tel : 016111400
Photos by Maciej Pestka
Make up by Ken Boylan using Ken Boylan -Make Up/Play cosmetics and Ken Boylan Brushes.


1 - Eyes

I used one of my three eye pallets (€35) - you can fill them with any one of my 70 eye shadows! I used my pink and fuschia shadows for this look . First I used Allure - 422 all over the eyes and I used a ponytail brush to apply this on the lid. Then D-light - 346 over this and under the eye lash line to bring out the blue of Sarah’s eye. I put this on with a little domed shadow brush, and Soap it up - 570 in to the inside of the eyes (with your finger) to give an amazing light pink shimmer. Then lashings and lashings of Black Intense lash mascara (20euro). Brows, I used a brow powder in 8 - deep brown (€12.50). Apply this with a slat brow brush (€15).

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2 - Cheeks

I used a Sheer Glow in Apricot Glo (€25) on the cheeks and cheek bones. Lightly pat this on to give a beautiful spring glow. Over that i used a bronzer in 407 lightly over the glow to add shading and shine. Bronzer is great to sculpt the face and make it skinnier! Then a dash of blush in Delicious - 275 (€20) on the apple of the cheeks, you need a tiny little bit of this as it is really strong but amazing!

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3 - Face

Primer on the face first after you have cleansed and moisturized, a little goes a long way to help even out your skin pores and fine lines. It will also keep your makeup on longer. I can not live without this product! 25 euro HD foundation in N55 (€30). Apply this with a foundation brush (€25) all over the face once again a little goes a long way. This foundation has a beautiful soft sheen and great coverage which is good for all skin types.

Under eye liquid concealer in C25 (€22). Dot this under the eyes and on the eye lid, pat in to the skin until it covers what you want it to cover. Dual powder in N5 (€28), this is a fab pressed powder that you use all over the face to keep your makeup in place all day. I always apply this with a big powder brush (€35). Don't over load the powder as you don’t want to look caked .

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4 - Lips

And last but not least the lips, I used Silk Stockings - 260 (€18) all over the lips and then glossed up with Toronto - 166 (€18) lip gloss over that!

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