Blue Jeans look Three with Yomico Chen
Hair by Davey Davey - tel : 016111400
Photos by Maciej Pestka
Make up by Ken Boylan using Ken Boylan -Make Up/Play cosmetics and Ken Boylan Brushes.


1 - Eyes

I used the cream gel eye liner in Pitch (€20) to give the shape of the line with an angle brow brush (€15) and over this I patted on Denim eye shadow (€12.50), which is a really shiny shimmering blue - great over anything black as you can see! I used intense lash mascara (€20) on the lashes - top and bottom.

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2 - Cheeks

On the cheeks I used Yomico C. blush (€20), which is applied very lightly on the cheeks. This is a really soft powder blush and over it I used Oh Glow face highlight (€20) to give the fantastic sheen you see on the skin.

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3 - Face

Primer on the face first after you have cleansed and moisturized, a little goes a long way to help even out your skin pores and fine lines. It will also keep your makeup on longer. I cannot live without this product! (€25).

Matte mousse foundation in C4 (€30). Apply this with a flat bronzer/mineral brush (€25) all over the face once again a little goes a long way. This foundation has a light and airy touch giving a light to medium coverage. It is excellent on holidays and also on overly shiny skin.

Under eye liquid concealer in C45 (€22). Dot this under the eyes and on the eye lid, pat in to the skin until it covers what you want it to cover.

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4 - Lips

And last but not least the lips, I used no liner just Buxom babe Lipstick (€20) all over the lips. This is a really pretty pale pink and a little of Soho lip gloss (€20) to finish this simple but stunning look.

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